Album: Exodus'04
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Year: 2004

When I first get my hands on Exodus'04, I was in love with it, and I am still is after 5 years. Exodus'04 is the highest selling foreign language album in Japan (over one million copies). Every song has its own vibe and feeling to them. Overall, I feel this album is very wicked, because there is a creepy feeling towards it. I recommend all the trakcs especially Devil Inside, Kremlin Dusk, and Exodus, however you might find "Easy Breezy" not as appealing, but thats the only song I dislike. The songs are heavily mixed with trance/experimental style. Recommend all of you to give this album a try. It will seriously bring you to another world..(Download links are provided but please delete the item within 24 hours, this will keep us away from getting into trouble~ and please support Hikki by purchasing the album if you like what you heard!)

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a chance
I missed a chance.
I was going to do Link Crew in my senior year, but I was sick today and didn't turn in my application.

I emailed the teacher, and he said the deadline is today and I cannot turn it in on Monday.

I had a week to turn it in, so why didn't I?

I was hesitating because I don't have much confidence on guiding the Freshman.

But now I'm utterly regretted....I could've turn it in yesterday!!!!

Its just like my father said, "once you missed a chance, its gone forever."

Plus I broke my expensive V-MODA earbud, now I have to buy a new one..

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Illucien URL 2009/04/12 17:38 #- EDIT
It happens to everyone, and I guess it was just unlucky.

But there will always be more chances to do greater things. ♥

Ann URL 2009/05/17 07:57 #sSHoJftA EDIT
hello ayaka!

it's been a very long while since the last time we last commented on each other's blog?

i hope things are going a little more the way you want them to be, coz life is full of ups and downs, that's what i know about life :)

the whole thing about chances....i'd say your father is right, i kinda regret sometimes of what i could've done but didn't...and i'd tell myself that i'm never gonna let something like that happen again, coz it hurts really bad...but, as usual, i'm forgetful....so...yeah, i'm still trying very hard to make less mistakes

but in a sense, having those regrets might take you further if you learn something from them? get you more prepared for the next time a better opportunity arrives? lol...i'm too overly optimistic i think...:P

anyways, i hope you get this very long message i'm sending you ;)
good luck with studies and everythign else in life


Himawari Hime URL 2009/05/17 09:49 #- EDIT
Hello again Ayaka!
we havent commented each other for a long time, right? because i am so busy x(
how are you? i love your template! its cute and fresh... i cant find any sunflower template like i want.. did you make your template by yourself?

i agree with your father.. i missed a chance to go to Japan last week... the only way for stayed in Japan for 6 months! i missed it..

ok.. gotta go! bye Ayaka.. see ya.. :)


Preved URL 2009/09/27 04:53 #adluDbaI EDIT
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2017/08/02 11:53 # EDIT
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