Album: Exodus'04
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Year: 2004

When I first get my hands on Exodus'04, I was in love with it, and I am still is after 5 years. Exodus'04 is the highest selling foreign language album in Japan (over one million copies). Every song has its own vibe and feeling to them. Overall, I feel this album is very wicked, because there is a creepy feeling towards it. I recommend all the trakcs especially Devil Inside, Kremlin Dusk, and Exodus, however you might find "Easy Breezy" not as appealing, but thats the only song I dislike. The songs are heavily mixed with trance/experimental style. Recommend all of you to give this album a try. It will seriously bring you to another world..(Download links are provided but please delete the item within 24 hours, this will keep us away from getting into trouble~ and please support Hikki by purchasing the album if you like what you heard!)

Download Exodus'04

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Please be happy~ Happy reading~

new layout~

Isn't this graphic just adorable? But I wonder what I will really react if I saw two bugs coming out of a fruit in real life...surprised.gif <- yep I think I would do that face then yell...

Spring break goes by sooo fast! Its almost over already...and I have tons of homework left undone. Its always like this, stress is building up on me but I still choose to play computer instead of typing up essays or study...

What's really horrible is...my teacher give us homework during the break!! Just because  we are AP and honor student doesn't mean that we have nothing to do besides studying! Plus we might need even more rest than the regular class students...During the parent-teacher conference I pushed a cart full of food around the entire school to serve the teachers, it was sooo tiring! But I feel happy that lots of teacher appreciated our help. (even though some people just slacked off and eating all the food!)


After browsing all the shared templates, I finally found a desirable one to edit...I'm so tired of designing templates now, sometimes it works on FIREFOX, sometimes it only works on IE...so I came up with this very-easy-to-edit template~

And its all pink!

I'm not a pink person, as a girl I really prefer white or purple or blue, but for some reason I keep making those pink-ish things!


I really need to post some decorations...I've been slacking off, hating to organize my works..

I was going to post a template-edit tutorial, but I think lots of people like what they got already...and they will get confused by my crappy explanations - -.


Have you guys noticed "recommendation" section on the left corner of my blog? Yep I decide to do a weekly or monthly recommendation of my favorite music~ This time I reviewed Hikaru Utada's "EXODUS'04" because I was listening to it while writing the template codes! I really love all of her songs... Like I said the download link is provided, 100% free of virus, but its just for you to review not to own. Delete them within 24 hours and download from ITUNES if you like it!

I was thinking whether to recommend Exodus'04 or THIS IS THE ONE, because both of them are english album. But I really, does love Exodus much more...because THIS IS THE ONE, like Hikki said, she is trying to break the mainstream market this time, and I guess the reason why I love Hikki so much is because I love her originality, her experimental style which distinguishes her from rest of the artists. I still love This Is The One and she did a really good job making it mainstream type while putting her own touch to it, but it doesn't sound that unique anymore...on the other hand, Exodus'04 is just too amazing, the reason why it did not chart nor sold well is because of the small amount of promotion it had, it sold over a million in Japan because she is big in Japan...

Anyways...that's that for now..

Oh and I went to the dentist today to clean my teeth~ It feels refreshing after 4 months! But they said I got some cavities in my tooth! I guess I ate too much midnight snack these days...







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hazuhazu URL 2009/03/29 08:09 #- EDIT
hahhahaha.i also like u best fiction.now i'm too lazy to read the notes then,i search for himawari blog n found u as 1 of her frens.so i'm here.hope i can post again at ur blog.mmm,anyway i want try to search for other blog now.wish me luckv-122 -hazuhazu

Diana URL 2009/03/31 08:15 #- EDIT
ehe~~ super cute new layout!! ^-^)/ your blog is always changing!

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