Album: Exodus'04
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Year: 2004

When I first get my hands on Exodus'04, I was in love with it, and I am still is after 5 years. Exodus'04 is the highest selling foreign language album in Japan (over one million copies). Every song has its own vibe and feeling to them. Overall, I feel this album is very wicked, because there is a creepy feeling towards it. I recommend all the trakcs especially Devil Inside, Kremlin Dusk, and Exodus, however you might find "Easy Breezy" not as appealing, but thats the only song I dislike. The songs are heavily mixed with trance/experimental style. Recommend all of you to give this album a try. It will seriously bring you to another world..(Download links are provided but please delete the item within 24 hours, this will keep us away from getting into trouble~ and please support Hikki by purchasing the album if you like what you heard!)

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idol's influence?
I guess I mentioned several times already that I am a big fan of Jpop diva Hikaru Utada.175

And this weird thing occurs  to me today!

You know how celebrities always does endorsements for clothing lines, jewelries, or makeup and cetra?

I did not understand that concept, because I don't know how a celeb will affect your choice on shopping.

Ok, I admit I am wrong...

I really love Hikaru Utada's Heart Station PV, it looks so dreamy and cool.


And the most important thing...I truly adore her headset!!!!!!!

It looks so crisp, especially with her short hairdo and her white outfit.

I just love the headset!!~~

And after some googling... I found the brand of the headset!

It's Audio Technica ATH-SQ5


It is famous for its stylish design and you can turn the earphone 90 degrees.

So I'm just absolutely in love with this headset and want to buy it! Even though the ratings are pretty average and Utada herself also states that she only bought this headset for its appearance..

And I also found her headset in Prisoner of love MV!


This one is not as fashionable as the Heart Station one, but its famous for the high quality sound it produced. (and Hikki is wearing this headset to test her music!)

Sony MDR 7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone


Ahhhh...I don't know which one to choose! Why can't I get the look of the white headset and the quality of the Sony one??

I guess nothing is perfect...

I really want to cut my hair lately, its been such a pain.

My hair grow very very slow, and I'm trying to grow it long too see how I look...because I never had long hair before.. its coming to my chest now.

And guess what? Utada makes me want to cut my hair~~~

I love her short hair on Beautiful World/Kiss&Cry single cover...

and imagine myself having short hair and wear the white headset..

I'm such a fangirl!

I want to have the things my favorite idol has!

I guess thats why some people are idols...because they have originality and other commoners like me would copy it...


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cool. the headsets do look nice on her.

i like utada hikaru, too. I love her song, Prisoner of Love. :)

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