Album: Exodus'04
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Year: 2004

When I first get my hands on Exodus'04, I was in love with it, and I am still is after 5 years. Exodus'04 is the highest selling foreign language album in Japan (over one million copies). Every song has its own vibe and feeling to them. Overall, I feel this album is very wicked, because there is a creepy feeling towards it. I recommend all the trakcs especially Devil Inside, Kremlin Dusk, and Exodus, however you might find "Easy Breezy" not as appealing, but thats the only song I dislike. The songs are heavily mixed with trance/experimental style. Recommend all of you to give this album a try. It will seriously bring you to another world..(Download links are provided but please delete the item within 24 hours, this will keep us away from getting into trouble~ and please support Hikki by purchasing the album if you like what you heard!)

Download Exodus'04

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Please be happy~ Happy reading~

Not a great start...

Spring Break has begun,

and my computer crashed...

I think it is because I have been using it forever, sometimes all night, due to the essays and tests and chatting w/ my friends...

but yea, it crashed.

unfortunately, I cannot retrieve my stuff in C disk, because it won't open.

So everything got deleted.

This happened several times already, I urge myself to buy a laptop, but I'm too lazy to do research on it..

so I kept losing my photos and music and documents, sometimes drag my mother down the water..

But now, I feel so clean and refreshing!

After all, all the photos, music, documents is not some thing I must have.

If they got lost, it won't affect me that much.

So actually, lots of things in life is useless to us

We just cling onto them because they are our things.

But they are just, useless.

if they are gone, they are gone.

and I'm still alive,  eating, sleeping, still able to restart my computer, download new songs, save new photos.

And i start to realize that internet is really not a big deal, its a imaginary world crafted by some genius people.

We can just lost things on internet and "POOF", they are all gone.

I feel so unreliable..

What can we know about this era after 1000 years? What if computer and internet are to be extinct in 1000 years?

There are no written resources, or paintings, or sculpture to talk about our history.

Not like in the Renaissance era, or during the World War, when people spend years painting or writing to record the significant events and their idea.

So I suddenly feel lost, maybe I'm too sadistic today, but this idea just appears to me.

Now days even elementary school kids do text message, some kids walk alongside each other, they does not talk but text each other.

This is just pathetic to me.

I now become afraid of getting old, I will be kicked out of this technology world.

Maybe I should feel fortunate to be living in this era, advanced medical care, civil liberty, freedom, rights, no discrimination (just minor ).

But I do wish we can slow down a little, i wish people can take a break more often, they are losing their souls from all the working..

oh god this random blurb is quite long....

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Diana URL 2009/03/22 18:15 #- EDIT
I know what you mean. I wish people could look outside the digital world a little more :/

although if I lost my data, years of my art & creations would be just gone. That would just be heartbreaking to me. Ofcourse I have made a lot of "non digital" art....but an artwork cannot replace another. So I try to backup as often as I can.

Illucien URL 2009/03/22 18:33 #- EDIT
Well it is very true. I have been feeling the same. I can go have fun outside away from the computer and it's just nice sometimes.

I usually don't have a back up and have to restart collecting pictures everytime there is a major crash. Most of my digital Art is usually backed up on disc but I will always have my traditional copies!

Thanks again for your visit! I have had Peach, and Blue Layout so now I wanted to try Green/Red. Though the blue was nice.

The Original template is called 'Notepad' I'm sure if you pick it apart you may be able to get the click able navigator to work.

Candy Aya URL 2009/03/23 04:37 #- EDIT
Thanks for the comment! Ya, we have the same name, eh! How are you? Where do you live??

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