Album: Exodus'04
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Year: 2004

When I first get my hands on Exodus'04, I was in love with it, and I am still is after 5 years. Exodus'04 is the highest selling foreign language album in Japan (over one million copies). Every song has its own vibe and feeling to them. Overall, I feel this album is very wicked, because there is a creepy feeling towards it. I recommend all the trakcs especially Devil Inside, Kremlin Dusk, and Exodus, however you might find "Easy Breezy" not as appealing, but thats the only song I dislike. The songs are heavily mixed with trance/experimental style. Recommend all of you to give this album a try. It will seriously bring you to another world..(Download links are provided but please delete the item within 24 hours, this will keep us away from getting into trouble~ and please support Hikki by purchasing the album if you like what you heard!)

Download Exodus'04

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Please be happy~ Happy reading~

I'm the type who don't get into things easily 237,but once I get into it, it last for a long long time!

Since the day I heard Utada Hikaru's "Heart Station/Stay Gold" single.  I ultimately fell in love with this genius's music 231
And now I got all of her singles and albums..

 And I love all of her works...

Tomorrow in Japan Time, her second U.S album "THIS IS THE ONE" will be released.

The album is going to be released in US in the May...

I got a hold of some tracks already...but I still cannot wait!!!

This time she is going for mainstream music to break the US market.

Her songs this time is very Ne-Yo style. Those mid-tempo ballad and some catchy and sexy songs haha~

I love her US debut album EXODUS' 04 but it did not do well in US, because its too experimental. EXODUS '04 is a totally wicked album with a darkness vibe, which totally captured my heart !

THIS IS THE ONE is going to be great!

GO Utada sensei~

I love you!!!! 229
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